Semiconductors & IC Designing

IC design flow is not exactly a push button process. To succeed in the IC design flow process, one must have: a robust and silicon-proven flow, a good understanding of the IC specifications and constraints, and an absolute domination over the required EDA tools (and their reports!).

The behavior of your final integrated circuit depends largely on its physical design, so choosing an IC layout design expert with extensive qualifications in integrated circuit design is a must. You need a semiconductor company who can provide you with an integrated circuit mask designers that meets all of your criteria for performance, size, and density.

We are the experts with a proven system for IC layout design. At FAR-HAT Technologies, you get analog and digital circuit design, physical integrated circuit layout, characterization, and validation of your silicon designs. Our IC design services help you bring your products to market sooner by assuming technical project leadership or integrating our experts into your team.

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