Seed Investments

Global winners start with the strongest local partner. We believe that new technology can disrupt existing industries and create immense business opportunities. In Pakistan we have many outstanding entrepreneurs capable of identifying innovative and value-creating opportunities. We believe that the next generation of tech entrepreneurs will play a key role in shaping Pakistans future, and we are highly committed in working with them to achieve great results.

FAR-HAT Technologies is trying to become successful seed stage investor in Pakistan. We are looking for ambitious tech companies born in Pakistan. We believe we have ability to find founding teams with the 'X factor' which is necessary for both parties success. We invest in people more than anything – those with an idea that can be turned into a scalable business, and who can attract talent, customers and investors. We look for driven, ambitious entrepreneurs, willing to go the extra mile to build a successful venture. When we meet entrepreneurs who reflect these qualities, we are more than ready to work with them. We also believe that we have high level of professionalism and exceptional value to add services that help new companies to achieve their goals. Besides investments, we assist companies with value-generating activities such as management support, business development, organizational and strategic planning, marketing, and ad hoc operational, financial, and legal assistance. We also help companies attract strong candidates for the board and identify the key early hires who are central to the success of companies.

If you believe your idea had potential, send your business idea brief to us by Email.