Cloud and Data Center

Adoption of digitalization – incorporating technologies, is rapidly driving data center transformation and scalability into larger dimensions. One of the key challenges organizations face is defining how to use the right mix of cloud based services and infrastructure technologies to deliver both new digital solutions and to modernize their existing infrastructures.

To be able to support customers in this transformation journey, FAR-HAT Technologies offers a broad range of servers, mainframe and storage systems, necessary infrastructure and data center management software products as well as predefined Integrated Systems to facilitate the setup of an IT infrastructure and its operation.



Private cloud storage is exactly what the name says. This system is designed for one person or company that is specific to your needs. These types of cloud storage comes in two formats: on-premise and externally hosted. Both work good, but primarily for businesses, not individuals, unless you are running a smaller home-based company. You have more administrative control and can design the system to what you want it to accomplish in the way of business needs.



This is a cloud service that requires little administrative controls and can be accessed online by any anyone you authorize. You get the same security, but don’t need to maintain the system as much as you would with a private cloud. You don’t need a rigid integration with your business needs or private storage concerns.



Hybrid clouds offers a combination of private and public clouds. You can customize your features and insert the applications that meet your needs, as well as the resources that work for you. The most important data can be kept on a private cloud, while the less important data can be stored on a public cloud and accessed by a host of people remotely. You can store data in an efficient storage environment, which saves time and money.


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